Go through below given tips if you are choosing a domain name for you business.

1. Choose Easy Domain:
Your domain should be easy to spell and easy to pronounce, and easy to remember.

2. Short Domain Name :
Try to choose a domain name as short as possible. It should be relevant to your business

3. Should Avoid this :
Avoid making your domain too much the same as other domains. Possibly avoid hyphens and numbers.

4. Target Audience through domain extension:
Choose a domain extension as per target audience/purpose of use. If you are targeting a particular country, use the country as extension eg. If in India it will be .in

5.Research the name:
Go for a different yet easy to remember and simple domain name. Brand your name by buying the same domain name with most popular domain extensions.

6. Book it soon:
Don't wait if you have a good domain name idea -act fast - register it right now, as good domain names are worth a fortune.