We are unique!
We pay you to raise your pet.
Nothing easier. You have to register on the site by choosing an animal.
All you have to do is scatter the internet, forums, articles, social networks (we do not have annoying ads), and get votes for your pet. At 20:00 GMT + 2, the first three users with the highest number of points, win the prizes (we currently offer $1/day for the first place, then $0.2 and $0.1, pay very fast in PayPal) .

However, be careful! Each animal has special needs, such as food, thirst, etc. Offer the necessary stamina, otherwise it will reach the hospital and you will have to pay 10 points to recover it.

But overall the system is simple. They are the easiest money you can earn! You do not have to buy anything. Every day we offer prizes. As the site grows, we will raise the prizes.

Warning: When registering, fill the correct PayPal address.
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