You will get the following details delivered to your email:

Bank Details, this bank works with any name and address on paypal account

Type - Cheeking,
Routing - xxxxx,
Account Number - xxxxxxx1,

Bank name:xxxxx

Go to paypal profile add a/c choose verify with deposit. take 1 days for deposit to arrive .

Just enter the details in your PayPal account. After Adding the Details, Your PAYPAL account is Ready to VERIFIED.

What else, This is 100% Pure LEGAL And SAFE.

Your PayPal Account Will Remain Verified for life.

Note 1: US VBA is for United States of America PayPal accounts ONLY.

Note 2: The delivery of this product takes 5 min if we are online , And usual time for deposit to arrive 2 days .

While Placing Order, Please make sure you enter your email correctly. your US VBA (US Virtual Bank Account) details will be sent directly to this address within 12 hours of time.
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