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    Increase Your Online Authority to Increase Your Site Rankings

    Yes, Google Author Authority and Domain Authority matter to ranking in Google. Here is a great video that addresses how to boost your authority for the express purpose of ranking better.

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    bloggersjoy Guest
    Is there any PDF version of how to increase online authority? I can keep PDF version every time but youtube videos may get removed later so tell me if there is any link to download any PDF file that can tell ways to improve online authority.

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    thanks for sharing this material man, it's very helpful

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    Domain authority is an important factor for any website to getting popularity in search engine. You can build strong and quality backlinks in high PR websites which can pass maximum link juice to your site..

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    Domain authority depends on the number of domain links. Also the link should be of good quality and from niche business.

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    Yes. Now google looking more domain authority.


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