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    Thumbs up Here's how to get more real page likes in facebok | no money - no bots!

    I've seen a lot of people asking for some advise on how to increase real page likes in facebook. So I will share my technique for solving which might help you achieve this.

    I'm managing a strategy that works very good for me. However, it depends on how many likes are you willing to get.

    So, the page I manage gets about 2k-3k Likes per week. It only takes you a little time to work on. All you should do is constantly post diferent kind of contests like: ''Here-s the prize (and a photo of the prize, for example a book). The rule of the contest obliges the contestants to like the page and share the photo. Keep the contest rolling for about 2 days, then start another one, and another one and so on!

    When you finish a contest just copy the names of the contestants and paste them into a random picker site so you could pick a winner.

    I really learned that a small prize can bring you a satisfying page likes number.
    You could try it and see if it works well for you.


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    Yah really effective & thanks Slink.

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    But how can we manage who is liking our page and sharing the photos?? can you please explore it in detail?

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    If you want to eal facebook like then you have to make website and make good facebook fanpage, keep updating daily with latest news also add social gadegt on you website for fb like, Then you can get easily like

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    bloggersjoy Guest
    If you want to get facebook likes only by contests and you are starting one contest daily then finally it may become an expensive program for you and when you will stop posting contests people might stop coming to your page. Am I right?

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    Usually all facebook page can't start such contests and the likes attracted by such competition are also not reliable as once you stop contest people must go away. And 2k likes with 0 reach is of no use.

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    thank you for share this new method of facebook likes, I think it must work


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