Hey IMTalk,

I have logged in to this amazing website after a long time(may be after 3 years). During this period, I fine-tuned my PPC skills and did certification for Adwords and Bing Ads. Now I'm Google Adwords and Bing Ads certified Digital Marketing Manager :-)

Recently I have launched my website named Conversion Perk and for a very limited time period, I'm offering complete PPC audit of your AdWords, Bing or Facebook ads account – for free of cost. I have been charging around $100 for doing a custom PPC audit like this!

If you are struggling with PPC advertising and want to take the performance of your PPC campaign to the next level; this is for you only.

Typically our clients has seen huge improvement in terms of conversion, clicks and other matrices. You can read my blog post to see how did I help my client to grow his ROI from 200% to 2,144% within 2 months.

Feel free to inbox me for further details.

PS: This offer is exclusive for IMTalk users only.