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    Top 5 trending web fonts for Web Design | Attracting Topography types in 2018

    These days web designers are using excellent fonts to make their website professional which is so experimental and most of the devices are supporting web fonts that is web typography. You can observe that the title fonts are more integrated with the design of a web page and it is quite blending on the canvas.

    Personally I like few fonts and I found them interesting, you can also try them once.

    01. Negative space: Using this typography you can show artwork within the font, which looks so creative and this way font will stand out. It looks great when any video or slides animate within your typography.

    02. Crop-and-cut type: It is so unique and creating interest while seeing the web page, letters are cropping and cutting within a word but still it remain readable. It looks like neural system.

    03. Typographic chaos: This font will create curiosity in readers and it's so unconventional, trendy and getting lot of interesting.

    04. Dynamic typography: This font will give more dynamic effect, useful for motion indicated designs, we can say it is kinetic.

    05. Graphical type: It is so flat and strong (bold) and looks like impact font and it can be used for painting kind of designs or sign boards.

    Share your favorite and attracting web fonts that you observed in 2018.

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    It's a complex task to pickup the to web site from a ocean of typographics. But your creativity comes out if you find the real gems. As per my experience I prefer to use open sans (used in all kinds of websites), Poppins, raleway, Arial(basic test), PT Sans fonts useful for news websites, Gothic latest styles. These are well known and professional fonts.

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    There are so many number of fonts in that i use Georgia and poppins regularly.

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    I don't really much about this topic.


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