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Conversation Between Johnny Ray and joeespisito

  1. Johnny Ray
    Joe, When you sign on check out my TCB emblem avatar buddy! LOL. You took my Elvis pic so I got the TCB Emblem.
    Also call me bro. I need to get you some money and I want yall to come over and eat supper this week! I got the pond all fixed up man and there are some massive bass in there! Lets go fishing and kill some beer!
  2. joeespisito
    Johnny Ray,
    If you sign on Later today give me a ring please sir. I am having trouble with this website we set up the other day through Google. Im going to see if Namanja and a couple of others will help me too.
  3. joeespisito
    Johnny Ray,
    You haven't been online in a while. When you get online and see this send me a PM or give me a call! I was just wanting to yak at you for a while.
    -- Fusion Finish
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