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    Role of Keyword Optimisation in Website Ranking Progress

    It's very well known those who are working in any type of online marketing job, that keywords are part of their regular task. Optimisation of keywords vital in inbound marketing. If you are expecting more traffic and more exposure to your website then do keywords optimisation with right strategy. It's an easy job for bloggers to play with few niche related phrases and sentences that are popular in Google search and extensively appears in competitor's sites. But at the end it takes real efforts to produce genuine content that can be appreciated by search engine giant Google. Share your keyword optimisation strategies, that worked well and not worked.

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    I always use backlinks from high ranking websites along with keywords.

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    Thanks for sharing the very informative information, But nowadays getting top ranking with high competition keywords is very hard task.

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    Yes, it's really working for long-term. Thank you for sharing dude!!!

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    Keyword optimization will help us to enhance our ranking on website


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