PHP File Encoding Service

This offer is for php programmers, wp plugin programmers, template makers and so on.

I can encode / obfuscate your PHP files to save the source code from curious look. It's not ZEND so you dont need any special tools. The scripts run on every server.

Why should you encode your scripts?

Stops unauthorized personnel from reading, modifying and reverse engineering your code. Advance PHP obfuscation makes your code extremely hard to understand. Improves security by preventing hackers from analyzing your source code.

Protect your Software

You have invested valuable time and money in developing your software. Our high security PHP encoder protects your investment by preventing piracy and unauthorized distribution.
Increase Security

Hackers frequently analyze source code in order to find exploits and vulnerabilities. Encoding your scripts will stop hackers from discovering your weaknesses and compromising your code.
Maximize Profits

Every pirated copy of your software reduces your profits. Use our licensing system to lock out unauthorized users. Implement time limited trial or subscription software.

I can encode single PHP script lines for backlinks in templates and full PHP files

If you interested let me know how many files you wish to encode and i will make you a very good price.

P.S.: Some people asked in the past for decoding. NO - i dont decode any encoded files!!!