Submit UNLIMITED Articles To Our Network Of Blogs Each Month and Get 600+ Backlinks Each Submission !

Hey my name is Yaniv.

My partners and I have made this wonderful network of blogs where you are able to write and spin your article and comment, add links to it and post it to our network.

Raw details:

The network is made of 200 + domain.
Hosted on 200 + c class ip hosting.
We moderate the network and keep it very clean.
Network got bigger !

Plans for the near future.
Number of domains will increase by 100 every month (100 blogs).
Number of ips will increase by 100 as well keeping a 1:1 ratio.
We will stop expanding when we hit around 1000-1500 blogs.
New features like forum posts/linkwheels.
10-20 High page rank Blogs every 1-2 months.
You can check our website at
seoultimatenet dot com

once you subscribe to the network you will be able to post an an UNLIMITED number of articles to the network and comment on posts.(article's body and title must be spun). You will be able to include up to 4 links in each article and 2 links in each comment you made.

After posting your material you will notice that in matter of 24-48 hours your article/comment/ link has been cached / indexed by google. We achieve that by having an automated system that sends the published permalinks to several private random Gmail accounts. By doing so we make sure google will index your new formed material and links (google crawl through Gmail Emails thus getting your material/links indexed).

A combination of clean and highly maintained networks, different c class ips and different domains are really a great source of backlinks to point to your website..

Our system is such an advanced system it would let you:

Choose on which domain you want your article to be published.
Make a comment to a specific post or to the network.
Post, edit and delete an article or a comment after they got published(not a lot of networks allows this options)
Use nested or normal spun content.
Export a very beautiful (yet detailed) report with every permalinks created and the option to check them with 1 click(another option not a lot of networks offer).

Check what others wrote after using our network:
Originally Posted by NoahWells
Well, this is a very easy tool to use. (So easy a caveman could do it...) If you've ever made a post on a Wordpress blog and spun an article, you can do this. The platform has a built-in spinner and preview window. You either input your already-spun article, or use the one included.

Select your categories and URLs of blogs you want to post to (all of them) - and thats it - done - hit SUBMIT.

In a matter of 9 minutes (seriously), I submitted an article and my report showing 101 live links was available.

101 links...100 diff IPs...9 minutes...whatís NOT to like about this?

I will update as I learn more about the system, but this is a great good tool
Originally Posted by Chris S. S
Just wanted to drop a line to tell you all I am very happy with your service. My rankings in google have improved, I jumped 4 pages already!!!
Originally Posted by Hartford CN
Kudos to you. The network really looks great the spinner you guys built really makes the work easy. normally spinning an article would take around 30-40 minutes took me 11

This is a useful tool for people who spin a lot!
Originally Posted by NetBiz
Wow.. like Noah Wells, said this is really simple to use.. and it looks good.

I posted and spin 2 articles in matter of 20-30 minutes yesterday.

I already have around 85-89 of the 100 indexed by google.. this is really nice.

I will update this thread with the serp improvement.
Originally Posted by WeIKaSeo
I donít know how do you guys manage to index the articles that fast ? is that some kind of an software ? please get back to me with an answer. Also A++ on your spinner and the quality of the blogs.

You managed to make spinning almost a fun process with this sami game like spinner.. you should offer this tool separately it would sale great.
Originally Posted by Mastereffect31

Joined their network few days ago. Submitted 16 articles already, 15 of them was published with in an hour and i have been asked to edit the last one to make it more "spun".

More than 70% of the articles are already indexed. i can even see some of the links on yahoo explorer, canít see them on google yet. But that is normal

Blogs are not spamy and it seems like there is no bad content posted.

I have not checked the IPs yet so I canít say anything about it.

All in all I really recommend this service price isn't high and to post unlimited amount of links on a clean net. Itís definitely worth it.
Originally Posted by EECauri
hmmm ok.

Took me some time to understand the spinner (didnít ask for help or checked tutorials like normal internet user) but when i did its incredibly easy.

I am spinning quite a bit, this cut down the time by 70% at least. Everything else is a simple as it gets.

2 articles got published within 3 hours or less, I checked them all with scrapbox they are all there. also the ips are unique there are even 2-3 B class ip, first network i see that has more than 1 B class.

This is really a great deal and for a price like that !
Joining now will grant you the ability to continue paying the same price even as our network grow bigger.

The 15 buyers after would pay $15. Now offering.
The 30 buyers after would pay $20.
The 35 buyers after would pay $25.

Purchase now follow this link
seoultimatenet dot com/limited-offer

But remember this is for an UNLIMITED amount of posts and backlinks per month you will get from our network.

Best Regards.
Yaniv Kalfa.