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    Old strategies still working


    After Panda update the Old strategies of link building is still working but the only condition is that they should be Unique and have quality...

    Panda only check for low quality and spammy links..
    strategies like--

    Commenting, forum posting, guest posting, web 2.0

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    I went a-searching to see what I could find about ye olde panda, and found this at the official Google blog.

    It seems the Panda is really just there to make sure that people find more quality sites in their searches.
    Based on our testing, we’ve found the algorithm is very accurate at detecting site quality.
    I got that from the webmaster central blog.

    The algo is used, in addition to many other aspects, to determine the quality of the site, its content, links - both inbound and out. Other aspects they use to determine whether a site is of high quality or not, is the amount of times users / searchers actually block a site using Google's tools and plugins. They use this to actually confirm that the site in question is low quality, and that then backs up the algo itself.

    The "old strategies" not only help after a panda update, can significantly help you avoid the update altogether. Google actually has guidelines to show you what they look for in a good quality site and following that might get you free of the panda for good.

    So they might not be all that bad when it comes to making sure that people visit quality sites instead of sites that have no value or helpful information for them. So in the end its not about what you do, its how you do it that determines how you get through another panda update.
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