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    Does Blog Commenting effecting in SEO ranking in 2018 also?

    I am wondering some seo specialists still doing blog commenting (Google's blogger or blogspot) to get ranking and expecting a rank in search engines. Does it still works in 2018? Of course there is something called Link Relevancy, which will impact to a great extent in bringing rank but blogger or blogspot web pages will be nofollow and i don't think it will bring ranking but surely it will helps to refer users to visit your website. But I saw some websites got better ranking after blog commenting in their relevant blogs.

    So what is blog commenting? It is about simply go to the comment section of articles that you want to comment on, include your link with a href hyper link(it will be a nofollow link). You can comment on an unlimited articles across different websites provided that you the time to do it. Comments could be as short as one sentence to as long as an entire paragraph.

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    As you said blog commenting is still practicing by specialists because to some extent it is working and bringing traffic to website. Blog commenting having link relevancy so that it will have chances to get good rank in Search Engine Result Pages but at the same time if you are trying to manipulate the search engines, then you will be punished strictly. And blog authors may delete your post if you try to post spam in their blog posts.

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    Yes. Blog commenting are still effective in SEO if it provides do-follow links.


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