Before we get into a better Internet marketing structure, we need to define what we mean by structure. Internet marketing is entirely different than brick and mortar marketing. The structure is composed of a number of factors including long and short term marketing strategies, indirect branding marketization and traffic analysis. If you can master these subjects, you will have a better Internet marketing structure and be successful.
Marketing theory is just that – theory. The people that understand how to make money on the web do not share their secrets. The gurus are a joke. We build our own sites for the most part, but are willing to share general information that can help your business. We will beat you if you compete with us, so we aren’t particularly threatened. So, let’s get to it.
To achieve a better Internet marketing structure, you must conform to the basic outline of every successful site. You need to realize there are distinct short and long term strategies, and that they mesh. Short term strategies are all about pay-per-click search engines while long term strategies are all about search engine optimization.
Pay-per-click search engines [“ppc”] have serious benefits and limitations. The primary benefit is they create immediate traffic to your site. They allow you to get prospects on to the site and determine how they convert. The downside of going ppc is they add significantly to your overhead and the traffic may be of poor quality.