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    Lightbulb Wp twin + wp robot + cpa ninja course = big profit

    Dear All Member,

    Just want to offer some exclusive making money tools!

    WP Twin is software to clone a wp blog in seconds!

    Perfect for Affiliate Marketing
    Say you set up micro niche sites or review sites. Meaning a LOT of blogs targeting keywords.
    When you set up these affiliate review sites, you go through the manual process of installing the themes... Configuring the plugins (such as all-in-one SEO)... creating the pages and posts...
    No more! You now just clone a site that you've already set up once. Now when you need to set up a similar blog, you just push a few buttons...
    And in less than 32 seconds you will have an exact clone of that blog installed on a new domain or subdomain.

    Perfect for Sales Letter
    As a bonus you'll get an already cloned "WordPress sales letters" setup.
    This thing is slick - it comes with 25 unique sales letter themes. But even better - it come with a custom plugin where you can click just one button and it will insert a fill-in-the-blank sales letter for you. There are actually 7 fill-in-the-blank templates to choose from... All written by Jason Fladlien, a highly paid copywriter. Best of all - you just upload the zip and the "deploy" file, click one button and it's ready for you to use and profit from.

    Perfect for Membership Sites & WhisList Plugins
    I don't care how you have your membership site set up with WishList... Whether 1 level or 100 levels... Drip content or no drip content... You can clone the entire thing. In seconds. This means you no longer have to manually set up a membership site from scratch again. Think of all the time this will save you!

    More info: wptwin.net


    WP Robot is a powerful and easy to use autoblogging plugin for Wordpress weblogs allowing you to turn your blog on complete auto-pilot and drip-feed it with fresh content in regular intervals you specify. And the best part: The posts created will be targeted to any keyword you enter and any topic you could ever think of!

    A few simple yet effective Usage Scenarios
    Because the plugin is very flexible and dynamic there are many possible ways to use WP Robot on your blogs, let me outline a few good ones below:
    • Create an armada of automatic weblogs. Since you don't have to create the posts yourself nothing prevents your from creating a massive network of so-called autoblogs in order to earn advertising money from them or promote your existing websites.
    • Earn more money from your existing weblogs. Several of the modules available for WP Robot allow you to earn affiliate commission for any sale referred by your blog's posts, for example through the popular eBay, Amazon, Commission Junction and Clickbank affiliate programs. Since all posts created by WP Robot are targeted to your weblog's topic conversions are generally very good and so this is an easy way to improve the revenue of your weblogs without any work!
    • Add targeted and helpful content to your already established websites. Let's say you are running a website about golf. By using WP Robot you could add a weblog to your existing site filled with relevant questions and answers on how to play golf or videos teaching golf or reviews of the newest golf equipment and so on. The possibilities are endless and as I said - no work involved on your part.
    • Enhance your own written posts by adding related content or ads. WP Robot adds a little button to the Wordpress post editor you can use to easily place any automatic content you want into a post you are currently writing or editing. Wether you need a few related videos for the dog training article you are working on or want to add some product ads for golfing equipment to your latest post - No problem, WP Robot can do it!

    More info: wptwin.net

    CPA Ninja Course

    "No freakin' way!" I shouted . . .
    "There's no way you're making THAT much money THAT quickly and THAT easily in THIS economy . . . and there's definitely no way you're doing it without a list, without putting up a sales page, without JV partners and without a Product! That's impossible."
    Matt Trainer just looked at me . . . scary-calm like he always is . . . took a pull off his beer and said, "Dude, I don't care if you believe me. Open up a web browser. I got the proof right here" . . .
    I was outside with Matt and Russ just kicking back, but this I had to see! So we went inside, I cracked open my laptop, let Matt type in some login info . . . and got just a little bit dizzy as Matt shattered my ideas about what CPA marketing is . . . how SIMPLE it is . . . and just how much MONEY you can make in it in ANY economy . . . if you've got a system in place and know what you're doing . . .

    More info: cpaninjaschool.com

    Your to do list:
    >> Create niche blog in seconds with WP Twin.
    >> Setting your autoblog with WP Robot.
    >> Implement with CPA Ninja Course.

    Investment requirement:
    >> WP Twin = $97
    >> WP Robot = $30
    >> CPA Ninja Course = $997

    Total: $1,124

    But, Wait!!!
    This is why I'm here!

    I give you Special Price!
    >> First 10 buyer: $22
    >> Next 15 buyer: $32
    >> After that: $52

    Choose your choice right now!

    >> First 10 buyer: $22
    >> Next 15 buyer: $32
    >> After that: $52

    PM me for payment details.


    successkit90 [at] gmail [dot] com


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    do offer review copy

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    WOW... fast delivery, less than 30minutes I received the files.

    I very like to have wp robot, and you got me the special price and other goods.
    Will be back with some reviews soon.



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