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  1. bluearrow
    Hmm not really. I'm just keeping bubbleWS to as a side income. it pays for most of my hosting fees and link building costs. I think I will buy scrape box using money next month. These days I'm just trying hard to get all my sites up and running and moving away from Google to Social Media traffic.

    What you have been upto lately ? New sites ?
  2. joeespisito
    Blue have you tried turning the bubbles into RSS? then submitting them with the IMT tool? just curios. I have got to get on those bubbles. That why I cleared my schedule for the next few days. I'm real proud of you buddy! $150/ month off bubbles is something I for one would be proud of doing!
  3. joeespisito
    Hey blue. it's just been crazy man. But I swear I think of you several times a week! Man I feel like I know you. You were so cool to me when I first started on here.... you showed me the ropes. Is there anything I can do for you? can I post your bubble links on my facebook or websites? if so just send me the URL's I will be doing a ton of computer work from now thru next wednesday so you just tell me what you need done and you have my word it's done.
  4. bluearrow
    Hi how things going ?

    I have been busy with my work for last couple of months. Well BubbleWS works pretty well. I earned around $150 in last month. But they have bunch of rules and have to follow those to the word.
  5. joeespisito
    Blue, Where have you been my friend? Is everything okay? I miss talking with you man!
  6. joeespisito
    I am so glad I seen that bubblews link. I had it in my PM from you and deleted it by mistake. I have not made a post yet so I am going to sign up and my daughter is a military housewife in Alaska.... my only baby girl in Alaska! She is with a good man though so no complaints here. I told her she should do the bubble blog so I am sending her your code.
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