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    Internet Marketing blog for sale - No Maintenance Needed

    hi, I created this blog on 2014 @ Ad Networks, Affiliate Networks, Marketing Tools Directory for sale, and i have no time to run or manage it, but it previously ranked for a heavy keyword like ad networks list, ad networks directory etc keywords, but lack of caring all the efforts are wasting, but i still get mails from many webmaster, related companies asking me to write their guest post, submitting their company, but many times i never responded to them because of my schedule, it hosted on free google blogger, no maintenance, just domain renewal.

    it bringing me many referrals and some good sales for my affiliate products.

    but if any one have time just take this blog and write some articles, or promote some your known affiliate products to make it as a old site again.

    Please check the alexa @ http://www.alexa.com//http%3A%2F%2F...orksonline.com

    If any one interested please let me know your offers?


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    How many articles have you written for the site? Are you currently earning from the site? What is the site's daily traffic?

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    I'm interested, how much are you will to sell it?

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