Welcome to my sells thread for http://www.ebooksellonline.com

This website sell digital product like ebook/software etcc [ 173 product on site ] with full master resell rights/PLR* and you keep 100% profit.This website builds on the Wordpress platform, the world's leading Content Management System. It delivers great performance and has a user friendly interface.
The profit you will make will not only come from selling the product, but you will also make money by recommending affiliates.

How does this business website work?

This website is not an affiliate website so every single penny you earn by selling the product is yours, as Your paypal accounts receives payment directly. All orders are processed and delivered automatically because of the digital format of the products. No need of any experience or maintenance work.

No technical knowledge required at all for running this business. This business website will automatically take orders & receive payments and Provide Download Link automatically.

What you will get if you buy this website?

-* *Domain paid for one year (http://ebooksellonline.com)

-** All onsite product total 173 (with full master resell rights) + i will give you 50 more products as special bonus thts 222 products in total*

-* *Help with website transferring

-** Free Domain transfer to your GoDaddy account

-** *Custom Wordpress theme. ( you can not sell theme as it own or alone/You will not use theme on any other domain accept ebooksellonline.com. )

-* * Custom designed logo.

Domain Information :

Name - ebooksellonline.com

Register with godaddy

Created: 10/24/2014|Expires: 10/24/2015

Transfer and Proceeding After The Sale

After payment has been completed, I will help you to transfer all the stuff to your host and make sure that everything is working smoothly. Also you will need a Godaddy.com account in order to transfer the domain name to you and hosting for moving site in your host.

Price -* 35 USD [PP/PM]