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Ultimate Demon Bonus #1:

Master Social Bookmarking List

Get over 24,214 UNIQUE social bookmarking sites to load into Ultimate Demon.


My personal list of 3,406 social bookmarking sites.
Whatís the difference? Well, I had to combine several massive lists in order to get 60,000 sites. I then eliminated the duplicates so I could offer you 24,214 unique sites. This saves you tons of time.
Most of these lists have duplicate and they look something like this:
So instead of counting this as one site, they count it as four ďuniqueĒ sites. Now you see how easy it is to offer you ď25,856″ bookmarking sites.
My personal list as already been ran through Ultimate Demon and will literally save you hours of importing sites. Itís a quality list. This list will give you a huge head start.
Why the strike through? Well, after scrubbing the list yet again, I found even more duplicates. Iím committed to provide you with quality list. So, in return, Iím throwing in my own personal list. Yes, the 24,214 will have most of my 3,406 bookmarking sites on it, but my personal list will get you going much faster. You will not find a two list like this ANYWHERE.

Ultimate Demon Bonus #2:

Master Article Directory List

Get over 58,012 UNIQUE Article Directory sites to load into Ultimate Demon.
  • Broken up for you in 60 files, approximately 1,000 sites per file.

This Article Directory creates Article Marketing Mayhem! Just as with the social bookmarking sites, Iíve scrubbed the list for you and will only send you a unique list. This will save you literally 10-11 hrs.

Ultimate Demon Bonus #3:

70 Press Release Templates

Writing an effective press release is a skill anyone can master with the right information. This bonus will provide you with a powerful reference tool which includes 70 press release templates. If you want to get published on PR sites, you need to learn how to write professional press releases.
Link building with press releases is the most underutilized method of building back links. This PR bonus will teach you to become a pro and show you how to create persuasive press releases for nearly all types of industries.

Ultimate Demon Bonus #4:

Master Simple Machines Forum List

You will also receive 66,062 Unique Simple Machine Forum sites to load into Ultimate Demon. Using forums is a great way to build links, but more importantly easily target your niche market.
It was a herculean task to scrub this account list, but Iím all about quality. Like the other list, I broke it up for you in manageable chunks.

Ultimate Demon Bonus #5:

Master EE, MyBB, phpBB and VBulletin Forum List

You will also receive over 250,000 active forum sites. This list includes all EE, MyBB, phpBB, more SMF and VBulletin forums.
There are literally thousands of Dofollow forum sites on this list. Just one word of caution, use this list prudently. Iím giving you so much fire power you need to use it carefully. Seriously.

Ultimate Demon Bonus #6:

20 34 Master SuperSpun Niche Articles & 300,000 349,000 pre-written Articles

Imagine if I took 10 articles from a certain niche and combined them into one MASSIVE spun article. Thatís right, 10 unique articles merged into one article that is spun on the paragraph, sentence and word level. Each article would provide you tens of thousand of articles for each niche. Each article is about 1,000 words long! Youíll get over 34 niches in total.
You will need this SuperSpun article for all the thousands of quality sites youíre getting from the Ultimate Bonus! There is no better option for finding unique content on the internet. Period.
In addition, you will over 300,00 article in nearly every niche you can imagine. If the SuperSpun articles are not enough for you, then this massive database should cover your content needs for years.
Beware of PLR Articles:

How can anyone on the internet offer so many articles? Well, we do this through Private Label Right articles (or PLR if youíre cool). Anytime you see, ď220,000 articlesĒ, ď300,000 articlesĒ or whatever, just know these articles are widely available and should NEVER be published without editing. You see, these things have been used thousands of times by other users. There is no such thing as a ďfresh PLR listĒ or a ďunique PLR listď.
I had serious reservation about offering this bonus. I personally donít use them. They take up too much hard drive space and they donít read well. Duplicate City. But, since other people want your business too, I have to respond accordingly.
The SuperSpun Articles I am offering are the only ones I use. The are PLR articles, but each one is rewritten and wove together to give you some great content that will not get you flagged for using duplicate content. Each SuperSpun article is 10 articles rolled into one. If you plan on doing major Article Marketing, this is the only way to go.

Ultimate Demon Bonus #7

Master Directories List!!

When Edwinsoft released version, it added the abilily to add your sites to directories. This is a staple of your link building strategy. As promised, I had to keep the bonus fresh, so I just added a list of 3672 phpLD sites.
This list is LOADED with high Page Rank directories.

Ultimate Demon Bonus #8

Master Web 2.0 List Ė 1623

This list of over 1600 web 2.0 sites is chock full of high page rank sites ready for you to develop. While 1623 may seem like a high number, the truth is you will not get that many for the time being. As UD continues to enhance itís site detector the list will only become more valuable. As it stands, you will have close to 200 Web 2.0 sites (I have 193 total) after you run the list. This is by far the most extensive list bar none.

Ultimate Demon Bonus #9

Master Wiki List Ė 4606

This is by far the most exhaustive list of Wiki sites available for Ultimate Demon. After running this list you will have literally thousands of Wiki sites available at your disposal. Many members have already commented this is by far one of the best bonuses offered. While itís true most wiki sites are ďno-followĒ, they are a powerful way to drive referral traffic. This list of 4606 wiki sites helps you cast a wide and broad net.

Ultimate Demon Bonus #10

Ping Servers List

I will provide my ping list to get you started.

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  • Multiple Platform Supported (Web2.0, Videos, Press Release,Social Bookmarking, Articles, RSS, Forum Profiles)
  • Multitasking
  • Seamless Submission
  • Visual Aid for handsfree CAPTCHA solving
  • Adding Your Own Sites
  • Privacy Protection
  • Article Spinning & Rewriting
  • Auto Ping
  • Scheduler
  • Human Speed Simulation
  • Proxy Support
  • 100% Socket

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Lists for Ultimate Demon. Sites for Ultimate Demon

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