We are launching our amazing wordpress security plugin. As you know Wordpress sites are hacked daily!.

Make your blog safe from the vulnerable issues in wordpress. Your wordpress blog is exposed to various threats and is most likely to be hacked today or tomorrow. This awesome wordpress plugin will make you feel safe and secure from the various vulnerable issues in wordpress.

* The plugin runs in the background so you just have to activate it and input some details and set and forget it.
Lock Down Your Dashboard

*Lock down your dashboard show that it is invisible to everybody except you. Which means your dashboard can be accessed by you only.
Safe & Secure Your Blog

*Be safe and secure from the vulnerable issues in the WordPress and make your blog hack-proof. This plugin keeps you safe from the internal as well as external issues.
Stay Away From Hackers

*Make your blog move miles away from the list of "to be hacked WordPress site". This awesome plugin will never make your blog catch able by the hackers.

So basically, only your IP address can ever loginto to your dashboard, to others it is invisable!!

This will be launched as an unlimited site licence for a short period, use on as many wordpress blogs as you like.

price $17 lifetime updates
we are offering this to the first 3 people who reply at a discounted price of 50%
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