We do Google Places optimization for clients and others who outsource to us.
I start from 79 per month for 2 keywords (depending on how competitive the keyword is), 3 months up-front, then a rolling three month contract.
I get them authorized on Google Places, if they are already listed then it makes things quicker, then i get citations on a regular bases, optimized photo's, descriptions, reviews etc. Then after the first 2 months video's on you-tube etc. All this is ongoing.
I never promise to get the listing on top of Google, you should never do that and it does depend if you have access to there website as optimizing that helps also. In most cases you will see listings going higher after 2 months.
With other clients i am doing more than one Places listings for i do a reduced rate, again depending on the keywords competition. Am UK based but have clients everywhere.
Please let me know if you are interested as i can only have so many clients at one time, as you can imagine it can be very time consuming and i always give all my customers 100% attention.