We are offering aggressive SEO service using just whitehat methods, such as:
-High do-follow blog comments + social bookmarking
-Related Forum Postings + pinging
-Article Submissions + Pining
-Press Releases
-Classified Ads Postings

We will help you rank for keywords/urls, and suggest any on site changes if needed. Work will be done over a month, and you will be provided with reports of where urls are submitted, and where links are built.

We currently manage SEO for 42 sites, with our biggest client doing over 6 million dollars a year in sales. We are ranked top 10 for:

gaming laptops

free ads (48.5 million competitions)

free advertising (27.4 million competitions)

Here are some of our reviews:
[WTS] Premium SEO Google Ranking Service

checkmait: I've worked with Jihoy for almost a year now. He truly delivers on his word. He has a fantastic grasp of SEO techniques and has a team that can flood the web with tens of thousands of high-quality links every month. He delivers constant reports detailing article submissions, blog comments (PR3+), forum posts with URLs pointing directly to the pages the links have been placed on. Truly impressive that his team can deliver so many links monthly yet keep everything organized. I've worked with Jihoy on several large projects. After hiring him for my most recent job -- improving my #18th rank position for a very competitive keyword -- he brought the site up 10 ranks in less than 3 weeks. And all indicators show that he will be bringing the site up further in the coming weeks. I am truly impressed with his service and would recommend him to anyone who is serious about an SEO campaign for competitive terms and is seeking out an highest, trustworthy professional

vansterdam: Jihoy has done great SEO work for both my daytime job website and my personal websites. He has consistently delivered quality links from a variety of sources. Many other link builders take shortcuts and deliver questionable work, but Jihoy goes above and beyond to make a customer happy. He was able to follow my exact specifications regardless what the work was. I have used his services for specific tasks such as blog commenting and forum posting, as well as full service SEO with a mix of services. I highly recommend Jihoy.

Mokorr: Jihoy was VERY HELPFUL and he always went out of his way to answer all my questions. I had a very little budget to spend, but Jihoy was willing to work it out with me. He gave me different strategies on how we can work on improving my SERP rank for a low-competitive keyword and I being new to SEO , did not know much but he was very patient and took the time to explain SEO terms and the different types of methods on improving organic search engine results. After sending him money through PayPal, he quickly went to work and immediately gave FAST results way ahead of schedule! I received a thorough report on the 50 links listing, the PR of each link (which were PR3+, I double-checked personally), alt text used for my targeted keyword and the URL it would be directed to. If you are planning on working with Jihoy, I personally recommend him. He responds quickly, will work out things with you (he cares about the little guy ) and is a VERY HARD working professional. Thanks Jihoy, I hope we get to work with each other again in the future.

webfrootz: We have been working with Jihoy for two months now and see a good traction on our keywords rankings. Communication is great, always prompt and to the point. Very easy to work with. Would I recommend him? A definite yes!

benjim123:I've been working with Jihoy for about a month now and am constantly impressed by his SEO ability and helpful communication. He gets quality links FAST with a full report. These links are high PR, it's really awesome. Further, whenever I have SEO questions he is always there to help me with quick realistic answers. Top bloke, top service. If you have any doubts, go ahead with a small order first, i'm SURE you won't be disappointed!

Here are some of our reviews on Warrior forum:
Premium SEO Google Ranking Service

metaphorinc: I was expecting looking for a great SEO service on WarriorForum here. Luckily I saw the thread of SEO service PrudentPanda that is Alex provides. I immediately added him on my Skype and had a long conversation with him regarding his service and his sites. Through the conversation, I found Alex is a very nice guy with rich SEO experience. I also did some research on his site •••> free advertising, free internet advertising, free online advertising, free ads and I was extremely shocked to see this site is ranked the 4th position of the first SERP for the keyword ad on Google. I decided to try his service for one of my sites. Alex sent me an SEO plan and recommended me his affordable do-follow PR3+ blog commenting service. The price for this service is really great. After the service completed, my site now is on #3 position for my targeted keyword on Google. I'm very satisfied with Alex's powerful SEO service and will find him for my other websites. I strongly recommend Alex's service.

Tweetadder: After his work I am now #6 on the 1st page of Google For a very competitive. Now, that might not seem like a lot to some of you, but to me it is great. I could have worked on it for the rest of my life and not got those results. As for my recommendation, all I can say out of the 100ís of things that I have read here that are total crap; it is finally great to find something that works.

Michael R.: I tried Alex's Service about two weeks ago for one of my niche blogs. This blog was dancing around in google and I talked to Alex about ways to stabilize its position. After our discussion I ordered one of his services. Just about 2 days later I got my backlinks report back with a good amount of additional backlinks to account for removed links + the guarantee to create additional links if the number of links drops below the number of links I ordered. I am very happy with the result of the created backlinks because my site climbed to the second spot for my main keyword and stays there for a couple of days now. I easily made the money back that I paid for the backlinks. What I like the most is that Alex is available via skype almost around the clock to talk about the status of the order, about seo in general or whatever you want to talk about . Today I'm going to order more backlinks to improve the ranking for the main keyword and some supporting keywords.

punisher: We have been using Alex for about 3 months now and what a fantastic result. We are now on page one for a number of our keywords in the accounting industry which is highly competitive. I have used a number of SEO warriors before Alex and all I can is you get what you pay for. Alex is not the cheapest but he communicates with his clients (which others are terrible at doing), he provides reports regularly, keeps you updated and delivers. Last month we were able to directly attribute $20k worth of new clients to SEO campaigns. How do we know ? We asked the clients how they found us. $20k worth of new work came from Google. And Alex and his team are responsible for that. If we extrapolate that out we could achieve an increase of over $200,000 to our business this year all from google searches. Now that is an impressive result. if you want cheap don't use Alex. waste your time and money with other people and when you don't get return emails or reports or anything then spend the money with Alex. Your business deserves it.

Tariq Ghazi: Hey guys, Prudentpanda did a nice job on my website. My website was nowhere in the rankings before he started, so he sent some nice linkjuice towards it and got me ranked within a few days. The next day my rankings improved with 40 positions... I'm hoping to hit the first page in the next week! Thanks, Tariq

HassanAjmal: This is awesome. He got me to page one for two keywords within 1 month. For a pretty competitive niche in NYC. This guy will make your site rank. HIRE HIM NOW.

biogx2011: The original location of my site at # 504 Purchase PrudentPanda services, a month later, Position in the # 6 Very good service. Recommended

benji.moore1993: Hey guys, I bought this service about a week ago and I have nothing but praise! I needed the links very soon, and they got on to it so quickly! I was hopeful it could increase my rankings quick, but never expected the results to come this fast! My rankings are really surging on google already. I'd really encourage you guys to try this out! Customer service is great also.

sanitos: My main keyword went from position 12 to 6 with Alex's service in a short time. Then I used a few other aggressive link building campaigns and reached #1. This keyword has 13.6 million competitors. Alex helped me build a type of backlink that I've been completely neglecting. The new link diversity really helped give a boost in my rankings. He's very professional and has great communication. I highly recommend his services if you're looking to get some results fast.

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