Don’t be happy if you can find hosting that offering unlimited space for affordable price. Based on me and my friend’s experience, their “unlimited” can be a fake. I’m talking about some popular hosting name that called as “HG” and “BH” (I’m not going to be explicit about their names, but I’m sure you know clearly about what I’m trying to tell).

They’re offering unlimited webhosting plan with just under $10/month. But, just see what happen if you already have 60+ wordpress-based blogs. My friend was shocked because he’s got his account suspended for the reason that his blogs potentially down their server. Hmm, isn’t that showing their “unlimited” offer is a fake?

If you’re hearing the word of “unlimited” hosting, people will normally expecting for real unlimited hosting. No bandwidth limitation, no quota limitation. So, it is normal for us to feel disappointed.

I hope through my experience, you can more careful in choosing webhosting.