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    A complete report for 4 top web hosting company.Check it to know the real performance of a hosting

    Here are three different tests for server speed I threw Rackspace in there to show how fast they could be. I used the main domains in hopes that they would have THEIR domain on their fastest possible servers so there is no excuse.

    HostTracker [Website Uptime Monitoring Service]
    First one shows Received Responses (higher is better), Response Time (lower is better), KB/Sec (higher is better).

    Received responses: 58 Ok Average: 0.49 sec 28.69

    Received responses: 57 Ok Average: 0.52 sec 26.28

    Received responses: 57 Ok Average: 0.64 sec 25.26

    Received responses: 59 Ok Average: 0.75 sec 16.29

    Received responses: 59 Ok Average: 0.32 sec 70.39

    Website Speed Test & Web Site Speed Test free tool:web-hosting-top.com
    Again shows KB/Sec (higher is better), Load Time (lower is better), Avg Speed per KB

    1 Hostgator 13.75 KB 0.34 seconds 0.02 seconds
    2.Dreamyhost 11.22 KB 0.33 seconds 0.03 seconds
    2 Dreamhost 16.1 KB 0.48 seconds 0.03 seconds
    3 Bluehost 12.21 KB 0.55 seconds 0.05 seconds
    4 Rackspace 40.93 KB 0.25 seconds 0.01 seconds

    just ping - Online ping - Online web-based ping: Free online ping from 50 locations worldwide
    This is more for those who need an international presence. I would definitely not go with Bluehost they failed miserably.

    1. Hostgator - 27 locations 100% Packet Loss
    2.Dreamyhost-29 location 100% Packet Loss
    2. Rackspace - 10 locations 100% Packet Loss
    3. Bluehost - All 56 locations 100% Packet Loss
    4. Dreamhost - 35 locations 100% Packet Loss

    Now friends you tell me which hosting companies service is good? Please review this things before get any hosting.

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    Thanks for sharing the report of top web hosting. It is complete and useful for the web master to make it.
    For more visit

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    I wonder whatís the current scenario? I am using Serveria.com since last 2 years and they are too good and itís not wrong to say itís definitely within top 3 at least if not the best, I have not seen a seconds downtime with them over last 24 months and that too with cheapest rates at $3.49/mo for Shared Hosting, so for me itís just too good!


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