I've had this hosting for 10 months now and feel that I this review isn't just a flippant one.

They have been OK, for the money ($24 a year), I never expected anything great. Maybe some down time, maybe some up time etc. But at least once or twice a month something stupid happens.

Last night all of my sites were offline saying database or server error. Fair enough, this has happened before and kinda expected for cheap hosting.

Now today, some of my sites are online, some aren't. The ones that are have NO CONTENT on them!!!! The Adsense ads are there, which is handy, but all of the content is missing. Now this is a real annoyance as I accidentally deleted the sites from my Cpanel in June (stupid slow internet, simple error) and took a few weeks to get back to normal and only now are they back making the money they once were.

After speaking to the online help people, who have automated responses and don't actually understand anything, I then get ignored while speaking to them. I've filed a complaint and explained that I'm missing out on money here, but the tickets usually take 12 hours to be answered.

Rant over - I can't explain how substandard it's suddenly become and that the $24 I paid is suddenly $24 too much for the service.