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    Thumbs up New Features in WordPress Version 4.8 Rich Text Widgets and more

    Are you using WordPress CMS to design your seo friendly websites. Then it is the most common problem for all WordPress Lovers that we need to manually add the html and css code in widgets. This issue is fixed now. Recently WordPress has launched version 4.8, in that they incorporated Rich Text editor with with this feature, you can actually edit it easily.

    There are so many other useful features they added. Share your observations from WordPress 4.8.

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    arronmattwills is offline IM & SEO Mumbler arronmattwills is on a distinguished road
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    Well, this is one of the best feature update i liked very much. Since long time i used to think about it and you know it was very tough task to write the html code and push it into widgets and now with this Rich text editor that became very easy. We can expect more and more flexible features like this in feature, let say adding sliders in the widgets, more enhanced security features and in build plugins we can expect in upcoming updates.

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    In the latest version admin can easily edit the coding part which is clearly showing the variation with colors between various attributes. WordPress is regularly releasing updates.

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    Rich Text Widgets is definitely a game changer in WordPress updates and it helps a lot for web designers and web developers, we have been waiting for this kind of update since long time because it is very hard to write hand code every time and give it to customers. WordPress main goal is to be number of Content Management System, so with this rich text widget update it improved a lot.

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    Exactly the last update of Wordpress is pretty good with that feature to enrich text.


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