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    What are the main technical features of python?

    I somewhere read that facebook is using python. because it has simple looping over* sequences, map, generators, list comprehensions, regular expressions. People are saturated with old programming names like java .net.
    Even python is also old only, but usage is less. People tend towards success and successful platforms.
    Python is a scripting language and takes longer time communicate between user and server.
    It has large library and enhaced features like mentioned in the beginning.

    In error detection python is super power, no need of compiler like java or c programming.

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    Very useful features you have mentioned. Python is very good programming place for the freshers who wish to start their career with a programming language. It is a Object Oriented Programming Language like Java. It was created by Guido van Rossum, a mathematician from Netherlands. It supports almost all popular databases like MS SQL, MySQL, PL SQL etc.,

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    Python is a simple and minimalistic language. The pseudo-code nature of Python is one of its greatest strengths. It allows you to concentrate on the solution to the problem rather than the syntax i.e. the language itself.

    The main technical features of python are:

    - It is free and open source
    - It is an High-level Language, Dynamic language, flexible when dealing with lists.
    - Its interactivity is a great feature for quickly testing and learning about Python language and module features.
    - Excellent error tracing feature
    - It is easy to be embedded in C/C++ projects.
    - Explicit in many things, Readability, and the principle of one obvious way to do it.

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    Python plays vital role in Data science and Data analysis. In recent times it's getting huge popularity due to it's wide usage along with R programming in Data technology and cloud computing. It gives good search results.

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    Python is essential in data science and in this cloud computing generation, we must learn it. First try to learn Python basics with practical approach in Data Science context which will be very much useful to become a data analyst or data scientist.

    Python plays vital role in machine learning, and it's library name is 'Scikit learn'. It would be better if you learn SQL, statistics, command line, Git outside of python but helps a lot in python applications.


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