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    7 Steps To Create Your Ecommerce Store With Wordpress.

    There are many ways to create Ecommerce for your business but the simplest ways is through wordpress as it require no coding and you can do that under one hour without breaking the Bank.

    Below are the 7 steps to set up your Ecommerce store through wordpress.

    Step 1.Gather all the materials needed for your store such as:

    Company name,

    Product you want to sell

    Price of the product

    Domain name

    Web hosting

    Wordpress Theme

    Shopping Cart

    Payment gateway

    Step 2. Setting up Your Website

    The next step is how to set up your Ecommerce store, you have registered the domain if not here are the best places to register your domain as they are reliable.



    After register your domain the next thing is to point your domain to your webhosting. You can host your website with Bluehost or Hostgator, both are reliable and have cpanel which is very important when it comes to Ecommerce design with wordpress.

    Design and Development

    We are not creating website that look ugly in the presence of our visitor, your store need to be attractive when people visiting it as it tells people how serious you are about your business.

    There are many themes that can make you ecommerce look professional with just little capital but if you are in the tight budget there is script you can use without spending dime such as osecommerce as it can do the job.

    Theme Forest and Wooecommerce theme are the best theme that can give you a perfect and beautiful ecommerce site without any coding.

    Step 3.Install Your Shopping Cart System (osCommerce)

    The next step is to install your shopping card system.This can be done in your cpanel of your webhosting, this is the reason we choose the best webhosting that has cpanel for easy installation.

    From your cpanel, look under the software/service and click on new installation. You only want to install osEcommerce script, though the process is similar to other scrip. You will be able to fill in the email address and the username of the store owner and if possible the SSL.

    When installing osecommerce you will be able to set up the administrative username and password but if you are using others such as Zen card it will generate your password automatically.

    Note: Osecommerce will set up the store database in MySQL for you and provide you with a link to your base shop and administrative area.

    Step 4.Setting up Your Categories/Products.

    In this step I will explain how to create category/product for your ecommerce store from catalog where both product and category are listed .Osecommerce by default is electronic and if you are selling other products such as clothes, home improvement etc. you can modify it to your taste.

    The easiest way to do it is to use the online admin interface to add categories and products which is pretty simple. Just select a category/product image and enter in the details needed for the product such as description, name, etc.

    Step 5: Handle Fulfillment and Shipping

    The aspect of shipping is very important when it comes to ecommerce since you are selling through online in which everything will be automated. There are two shopping cart you can use to make the work easier such as paypal at paypal.com and 2checkout.com.There are add-on modules you can install for different gateway payment apart from those two that I mentioned such Checkout by Amazon from the add-ons directory.

    Step 6: SEO Optimizing the Entire E-Commerce Website

    SEO is very important in order to get traffic from major search engine such as Google and Yahoo but I have seen many ecommerce website owners that failed to optimize their store which affect the traffic of their website.

    The most important is onpage SEO; pay more attention to onpage SEO which means you need to link your ecommerce pages together for easy navigation. When describing your product make sure that you check it to prevent Google pandal strike your store especially if you are reselling a product that might have the same description.

    Step 7 Maintaining your E-Commerce store

    Creating Ecommerce website may not be difficult but maintaining it may require more work but here are the simple ways to make everything easy to manage.

    Check your shop reports frequently to monitor how it's doing. Make sure you subscribe to your shopping cart system's news feeds to ensure that you have the latest patches and information. Check osCommerce's news site, if you are using other shopping cart make sure you check update frequently.

    The above steps will help you when creating your ecommerce store.

    Need more information on how to create ecommerce website with wordpress tutorial and video, then you can Google search ''How To Create Ecommerce Website With Wordpree Step by Step by Oyundoyin Anthony''.


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    Are you sure that you can install oscommerce in wordpress as explained in step three? I have never seen anything like this. Try to follow your step and make an ecommerce website for yourself and let us know here.

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    This is not a clear tutorial and not going to work for anyone. I recommend rewriting it again and post it in more explanatory way.
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