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    What is QDF Algorithm? ​​How it works in SEO?

    Can any one explain What is QDF Algorithm and ​​How it works in SEO??

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    angelinakcg is offline IM & SEO Whisperer angelinakcg is on a distinguished road
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    QDF algorithm is all about giving fresh content to the users query. QDF means Query Deserves Freshness this was brought in to lime light by Amit Singhal from Google in June 2007. By analyzing this algorithm all the other search engines also following almost the same methodology.

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    Thus us something new to me. Thanks for sharing. will do more research to know aboyt QDF Algo.


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    Query Deserves Freshness first implemented by Google search engine which is a state of art algorithm to give priority for latest content in search results, especially for latest news and happenings it will be helpful. In general authoritative content will appear in search results but with this QDF latest news, updates, events, tragies, urgent updates will appear. My answer is not full fledged answer but I am just explaining casually.

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    QDF algorithm literally means Query Deserves Freshness, and in more simple words, according to this algorithm Google will give preference to those articles in the search results which are fresh and have up to date information, according to this algorithm when people search for an event or celebrity, the latest news related to that event or celebrity will be shown in the google search results at top positions.


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