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    bloggersjoy Guest

    How come this site was caught so late?

    Hello Everyone,

    I have seen a site sometimes


    Now this site is monitored by Crime Unit London Police but before this as much as I know this site was doing its business for more than 2 years. The business of this site was to publish the cracked version of software. Why this site is caught so late after more than 2 years. In my view, such sites should be known to police within a month after starting.

    Thank You

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    thanks for sharing all these informations... what more did you know about the authors of this site? are they on a jail now? or what happends with them?

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    bloggersjoy Guest
    My information is limited to what is displayed on this website but yes I also want to know what goes behind the scene. What actually happened to them?

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    Some sites go under the radar for a while, sometimes some sites get away because of jurisdiction. Many sites get away easily these days, but most sites do eventually get caught for doing bad things. It just takes time.

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    bloggersjoy Guest
    Have you seen any site that has gone under radar and then saved because of jurisdiction? What about filecrop? Will it ever do its same business again and provide software or the site will need to change its nature of business? Any idea?


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