Get authority status from search engine is a value added, especially for websites that promote Amazon products. By having the authority status, any keywords that you’re targeting will easily appear on the first page of

The question is, how do I make the authority website?
- You have to frequently update your website with quality content
- You must provide quality backlink for each article + homepage

If you can patience in doing these two things, then in 6 months your website will get an authority status in the eyes of search engines.

Do you want to get faster authority status? You can achieve it by updating your website with 10 articles per day and provide natural backlink for each article. You may be thinking "This is crazy, how can I do it". If you think like that, then build a website with team-based is the solution.

Google does not care about the amount of contributors of your Amazon website. However, a lot of contributors will make this purpose be achieved easier. You and team can commit to create and optimize three articles per day. So, for example, if there are 5 people then your website will be updated daily with 15 articles. Within a month your site already has 450 articles. If your website already has 1000 quality articles are indexed, then your website will be considered as an authority website.

I hope this thread can help anyone who wishes to have their own authority website especially for Amazon. Anyone interested in running these tips?