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    Donít focus just on Clickbank and Amazon!

    It seems that many affiliate marketers is only focusing on Clickbank and Amazon. At first I also like that, until my friend got a large commission from the affiliate company called Moreniche. My friend did to sell a product that related to adult and got $100+. From her experience (yes, sheís girl!), my eyes was opened that there are a lot of prospective affiliate companies outside Clickbank and Amazon.

    Listen. Clickbank and Amazon are great affiliate companies but you also need to know that they have had a lot of affiliate marketers. Day by day, competition to market their products become harder.

    I still sell Amazon products but will soon market the products of other affiliate companies. How about you?

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    Problem is " stable " ?

    many companies offer affiliates to promote their stuffs get commission but after few years close down or suddenly cannot pay in time .

    Clickbank and Amazon no doubt still stable like a rock already establish for years.

    Yea I agreed with you as these both companies affiliates a lot .

    Problem I feel is getting those niche which will " make people willing to buy "

    is like digging a needle from the sea.

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    many out there.

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    you are right but clickbank and amazon has lots of category and subcategory for affiliate marketing.

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    I understand that we should try networks as well apart from these two. But, what about trust! A majority of people have trust issues. Just my two cents...

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    I think finding the right affiliate program or product is ket, then you create quality content around it and the results will come. People are soo tired of "advertisement" websites that when they actually see a website without 30 ads on the first page and content that makes sense they will stay, read and click.
    Adding social signals to the site with Marthething.me or socialadr helps a lot too
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    I don't think you will keep looking for more affiliate company if you are making enough with your current ones. One thing most people don't seems to understand is that no affiliate money without good amount of traffic.


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