Are you finding it difficult to connect and build relationships with your customers? Is your organization in need of software to market goods and services online? If your answers to the above questions are yes, then you should consider getting yourself certified in Salesforce marketing cloud. In my previous blogs, we have learnt about Salesforce, different certifications available in Salesforce, how to create an application on Salesforce platform and about Salesforce service cloud.

In this blog, I will be introducing you to Salesforce marketing cloud. I will provide you with details as to why you should choose Salesforce marketing cloud, the different platforms and channels that it provides. Finally, we’ll take a look at an use case which explains how the marketing cloud is being utilized at Peak Games for advertising.

A Brief History
Before Salesforce came out with marketing cloud in 2012, there were various challenges in digital marketing. I have listed those challenges below:

It was difficult to harness the information on customers and audiences from social networks.
The growth of online conversations and metrics required a platform that could manage the huge amount of content being produced.
Conversations between organizations and customers were scattered across various channels.
All the data that was available on a customer was stuck in silos and was not being utilized.
Companies struggled to find return-on-investment across multiple channels.
To solve these challenges, Salesforce came up with the marketing cloud – one platform to integrate all social programs and data.

Why Choose Salesforce Marketing Cloud?
Salesforce marketing cloud is one of the market leaders in the marketing cloud domain along with other clouds like Adobe marketing cloud, IBM marketing cloud and Oracle marketing cloud. Salesforce marketing cloud has a total market share of 24%, second only to Adobe marketing cloud. Below is an image from google trends showing the interest in different marketing clouds over time. As you can see, the interest for Salesforce marketing cloud has been increasing rapidly.