Most people are looking for easy answers, so they can satisfy their ego and assume that they "know the answer". This is not a recommended strategy for success . . .

Most "what is the best . . . ?" questions, get single-option answers, and this rarely matches reality at all . . . in reality, the REAL answer to most such questions is usually "it depends".

One typical example is "what is the best way of making money online". Any single-option answer to this question will be WRONG for most people.

Here's why . . .

Example . . . "selling services to offline businesses is best" . . . it can certainly be very profitable, with some services bringing in lots of money, and repeat payments every month for some. Services such as SEO, web-design, social-media management etc. can certainly be very lucrative. BUT, for any one who isn't an effective sales-person, and that's MOST people in the world, it is simply not possible to do this well, because it requires sales skills. Outsourcing sales is possible, but not easy (most cold-callers on Fiverr will never close anything at all, for example).

Another example . . . "buying traffic is best" . . . this can sometimes make sense, because it can be quick to implement and easy to up-scale once profitable. BUT, for most online-business newbies, it is simply not possible, because they just don't have the budget to make it work at all (and don't understand the basic math of why they fail). For example, for a CPA offer that pays $200 (like some loan offers), to test a single funnel, PROPERLY, will cost $800. This is because random events in the real world are MUCH more clustered than people imagine, so a good rule of thumb is to spend 4 times as much on traffic as the offer will pay. Then if you change one word, that might double, or halve, the conversion rate, and that needs another complete test. And so on. It might take many rounds of testing and improving, before you find a profitable combination, so unless you've actually got many thousands to spend, you simply won't be able to find out if such an offer is profitable with payed traffic, or not.

The real answer for what is the best online-business method for YOU, is that it depends on your aims, strengths/weaknesses and situation. So start there . . . be totally honest, and write down what you really want to get out of online business. Don't forget, that most methods will take a LOT of work before they are profitable, so if you think you'll do a few minutes work, while sitting on a tropical beach somewhere with a laptop, that is very unlikely to happen any time soon (don't believe all the false promises that say otherwise, success almost always takes hard work, understanding and commitment).

Then your strengths and weaknesses. First, understand that, since one of the biggest problems for most internet-marketing newbies, is information-overwhelm (too many choices), that your weaknesses are a GOOD thing, because they reduce the number of choices, and that is BETTER.

Then your situation, in terms of money and time to invest. Note that most things tend to take longer and cost more, than you assume before you start, for most people.

From your answers to those questions, you will be able to ignore most online methods, because they are not a good fit for YOU. Of course, it is possible to learn new things, but to start with, make it easy to get some success, and start with a method that is a GOOD fit for you, personally.

Same with questions like "what is the best SEO method?", "what is the best social media for marketing?" etc. . . . the REAL answer is, almost always . . . it depends. The answers will be different for different businesses, and for different strategies . . . a method that you've tried already and failed in the past (or that someone else says "doesn't work"), might work really well with a different strategy.

So, ask yourself, seriously . . . do you want easy single-option answers, or do you want answers that give you a real chance of success in the real-world. Choose carefully, because your success depends on it