You may be wondering how possible to get such huge shares on pinterest, yes is possible, I got 1.4 million shares within 18 months which drives thousands of traffic to my website with just 5 minutes work.
Here is how,what is Book-O-Graphic? Book-o-graphic is just a long and thin (think the size and shape of a bookmark).It can contains points you want to share with people or stories.
You can add image to it along with the message or information you want to pass across, this gives more visibility on Pinterest and also gets more shares. The longer and thinner it is, the more likely people are going to see it and share it.
Characteristics of Book-O-Graphic
Long & thin
Condensed content from book
Use colors found on cover
Picture of cover
Links to your website, your product or affiliate.
I have been using this method to get targeted traffic to my sites.