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  1. It is one of the popularly used method for...

    It is one of the popularly used method for getting traffic.
    Preferably quality and opt-in email database.
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    It is still the best and dominating search,...

    It is still the best and dominating search, highly rated in the world and by credible sources.
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    Is Yahoo Answers still popular?

    I wonder whether this is one of the mostly used question and answer site in the world.
  4. Are all Free For All Link websites risky?

    Say if we place our website links there? Is it harmful to our search engine ranking?
  5. Please explain Backlink Spreading (Drip-Feeding)

    What are the real benefits/advantages of Backlink Spreading (Drip-Feeding)?
  6. Does a dot Com domain have higher ranking than other top level domains?

    What is your comments on this? Perhaps unknown / untold algorithm?
  7. Does guest posting help in boosting our own website ranking?

    There are so many blogs, some maintained, while others rarely updated.
    Would the search engine be crawling the blog pages daily and finally pick up our back-links in there? Does it still have value,...
  8. Are short keywords too competitive?

    It has been said that short keywords, one or two words are tough to compete online.
    Is it always true the case?
  9. How does one make money from uploading/posting Youtube videos?

    Hope to hear sincere and real stories.
  10. How much was your first income from the internet?

    Share your explanation in brief about how much you earned from online business.
  11. Can I start my own web hosting business but using other large web hosting company support?

    What I mean can I create front end web hosting service but the backend is from other established web hosting company but my client would not know it. Is this what reseller mean?
  12. Is there any real, long established free VPS provider?

    Please share your experience.
  13. How do we do SEO for Audio files?

    We have heard about SEO for website pages, what about audio files?
  14. Why is it so hard to get listed in Dmoz?

    It is not just the opinion or review or comments I read in so many places, but I and my colleagues have same experience. I wonder if this is due to most editors are not doing their job by review and...
  15. Is Dmoz a directory or search engine or both?

    How do you define a directory and search engine?
    Is Dmoz both?
  16. Are hashtags the same for FB, Twitter and other social network sites posting?

    I mean the way we write hashtags.
    is the same way/style of writing, applies to all Social Network sites posting.
    Please give examples.
    Thank you so much in advance.
  17. Would having our own domain name much better than driving traffic directly to the affiliate links?

    I am planning to buy some domain names and also considering of postponing the plans to buy them.
    Are there real benefits to buying/owning our own domain names and forward it or provide a link to...
  18. How often do we need to update our website?

    It has been said that SEO also means fresh content regularly, does this refer to every page or is it just new page additions.
  19. Would knowing the traditional way of running a business and marketing help in internet marketing?

    People used to say that we need to un-learn old ways of dong business.
    Would studying a degree in business administration and marketing help in doing business online?
  20. Is there copyright issue with buying a domain name with common words?

    Anyone has the experience, or read some real cases (that actually happened) where the current owner loses rights to a domain name with common words in it simply because of the other bigger...
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