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    18 Page PR2-Pr4 Do Follow Backlinks

    18 Links total

    Page PR2 through PR4, sometimes a PR5 (Delivery will always include multiple PR3's and above)

    Do Follow

    OBL's <100 (out bound links)

    Comment Links
  2. How Long Will Backlinks Be Important in SEO?

    According to Matt Cutts in this video:

    backlinks will be needed for "many many years"
  3. Increase Your Online Authority to Increase Your Site Rankings

    Yes, Google Author Authority and Domain Authority matter to ranking in Google. Here is a great video that addresses how to boost your authority for the express purpose of ranking better.

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    Best bookmarking service available:...

    Best bookmarking service available: http://www.imtalk.org/cmps_index.php?pageid=IMT-Supercharged-Bookmarks
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    Top 20 Monetizable Tier 1 Web 2.0's

    These are great Tier 1 sites (sites that link to your money sites) that you can also make into money sites and earn a bit more for your efforts while dominating the search results page with more than...
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    Large List of PR Links for Your Donation

    Donate now! | 177 vierkante meter
    Sponsors | WordCamp Miami 2013
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    The tool is for 20 unless you give up an email...

    The tool is for 20 unless you give up an email address. Besides, these backlinks have no juice.
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    Yep....it is blocking all traffic from the link...

    Yep....it is blocking all traffic from the link in this forum. You can use your own IP and type the domain in to access the site.
  9. Sweet share....you can make directory links for...

    Sweet share....you can make directory links for your url's, like an indexer using this tool on that site: Backlink Maker
  10. 100% agree. That is one reason why I urge my...

    100% agree.

    That is one reason why I urge my students to choose a single niche and own it. Whatever they are passionate about and are already involved in or always wanted to become engrossed with...
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    It took me about 20 months part time using Web...

    It took me about 20 months part time using Web 2.0's only to get to the $100/day earnings via Amazon alone. However, I started from absolute scratch, knowing nothing about computers, search, the...
  12. Relevance Doesn't Matter: Never Has According to Moz Findings

    Interesting enough…I have always been the proponent of relevance matters. Way back when because it will shortly matter as Google makes the changes, but according to this Moz blog post, no one has...
  13. Profile Links Still Work according to SEMRush Writer

    13 Easy Ways to Build Links - SEMrush Blog

    In the above article, number 8, SEMRush contributor Christy states that profile links work well and should be acquired.

    You can have these...
  14. Penquin versus Panda: What is the difference?

    From Website Magazine: http://www.websitemagazine.com…..newsletter

    As most Internet professionals have heard by now, Google started rolling out Panda 4.0 on May 20.

    Although Panda is...
  15. New Video Opportunities with Yelp Starting June 2014

    Yelp will roll out a video feature for reviewing local businesses in a couple of weeks. Videos from 3 to 12 seconds.

    Read more about it here: http://www.websitemagazine.com…..conds.aspx
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    How to Make Money with Your Tier 1 Sites

    The following sites offer the ability to earn from what you publish and are not well-known. You can use these as Tier 1 links to your money sites and at the very same time, these are money sites...
  17. How to Hide Your Most Powerful Links from Your Competitors

    For all of us that do not have the cash flow at the moment, here is a list of FREE wp plugins that can help us in between. In order to compare the differences between the free and the plugin check...
  18. 2100+ Local Niches with Little to No Competition

    Abortion Clinics
    Acoustical Contractors
    Aerial Advertising
    Crop Dusting
    Aerial Photography
    Aircraft Charter
    Boat Charter
    Yacht Charter
    Aircraft Maintenance
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    Citations: Links for Local Businesses

    Where To Find Citation Opportunities
    Strategies for Accumulating Citations
    Citations are one of those ranking factors for local businesses that can not be overlooked. There are plenty of tools to...
  20. SimpleVideoPro.com offers an incredible package...

    SimpleVideoPro.com offers an incredible package that will make a huge difference in your video marketing and client retention.
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