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Conversation Between AaronLuke and tinamoran

  1. tinamoran
    i also tried that one but it shows like this

    happy sad tina

    i want look likes this when adding new emotions with the single line of codes

    'happy' 'sad' ..then it looks

    happy tina
    sad tina

    auto break
    please help me
  2. AaronLuke
    Yes, you should be able to put another emotion inside of the single quotes. Like instead of 'Happy' '<insert emotion>', you should put 'Happy <insert emotion>'. Keep it inside of the 2 single quotes instead of making more single quotes.
  3. tinamoran
    hello, i have another question regarding the code..

    it is possible to insert another emotions there?i try to input but failed to edit..

    " var t1=setTimeout("document.getElementById('emotion1' ) .innerHTML='Happy' +document.getElementById('name').value",1000); "

    i try to do 'Happy' ' Sad' ..but no effect at all
    please help me!

    Thanks in advance
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