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  1. joeespisito
    I absolutely LOVE the IMT Extreme wikis and IMT supercharged bookmarks. I thought it was more expensive then it is. which was my own fault for not opening my eyes! If anyone on this forum is not using these simple very cheap tools you are doing yourself a grave injustice.
  2. joeespisito
    Namanja Awesome forum here at IMTalk you have here! Seriously, I am honored to be a part of it. Not kissing butt just very proud of what you have here!
    I would love your opinion on a poll I created
    I think the answers would benefit your new users also! I am much more educated in SEO than I was before coming here. I have referral links on all my websites, blogs even my business cards! and I put those cards in my bill payments when I mail them off so the office workers sitting there at the computer at lunch may just sing up.... you never know! Don't worry you have taught me well NO SPAM! I promose!
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