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    Thumbs down Burst hosting nightmare, burst.net review

    This is our new section, as you can see here we will share our thoughts and opinions about certain companies, people, software, service, anything....

    So I will be the first to crack the ice
    unfortunately I don't have good review this time,
    but I have promised myself that I will not tolerate and ignore bad companies and people any more.
    So I will start with this shit company(pardon my language).

    I will make an review of the hosting company Burst.net as promised in another thread.

    This was disaster from the beginning.
    I'm with them for about 2 years now.
    At first I have only one server with them to test them out.
    They have budget VPS and premium VPS.
    At first I was on budget and it was just to much problems, down all the time, very slow, port speed like non-existing, non-stop problems and the best part is crap support...really budget in true meaning of the word .
    Then I moved to their premium servers and things where much better(off course after many tickets and hours lost in fighting with support, which eventually leaded to talking with manager and then things are done, you can expect that really if you sign up with them).
    Now on premium VPS things where better at first, then problems started again(server down, port/nod speed, etc...), but funny part is that these are not managed servers and really you can't expect any support from the staff, because you will not get it. Later I upgraded my server few more times, but that didn't helped either.

    OK now about the real problem SUPPORT.
    I just want to clear something out before i say anything further, I have manged the servers along with two companies which are managing, optimizing and securing the servers, so my tickets where all about problems on hosting part not server, things like port speeds, non-working nods, security, non-working servers, etc...
    What support , when you submit your ticket and I submitted a LOT, you can expect that they will reply to you somewhere between 24-72 hours.
    Then let say they ask you a one question regarding the problem, you answer back right away and then guess what, you wait another 24-72 hours, then they ask another question and you give up after some time and you are soooo frustrated that I can't even describe how frustrated I was. And yes, they ask you some stupid questions, then after few ALL CAPS and some threats about review some manager kicks in and maybe he will help you or he ill simply say this is not managed service or similar so you are basically on your own and you can't do much, except of making review finally.

    I have had so much problems and issues with them that it will take a whole day to write it down and yes, they lost my support account , so I can't even remember some problems either because majority of the tickets was at that old support account.

    So after many, many tickets and time lost I moved one of my server to the new hosting which is managed and better in performance etc. and it is not much expensive either.

    I still have one server with them and few sites on it, but will moved them from there also.
    Don't get me wrong, servers are OK while everything is fine and working and if they are not overselling it,
    but soon as something is wrong nightmare begins.

    So in order to avoid being frustrated and to lose you time in resolving the problems, just use another hosting.

    If I remember something interesting I will add it, because I wrote this review fast.

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