Hello there!

We are tired of existing analytics services which are either complex and inconvenient, or they lack the necessary functions or they are too expensive. Therefore, we have developed our own solution, where we took into account the weak points of existing products and developed an intuitive interface, which incorporates all the necessary internet marketer tools.

The service is now available and we are seeking to receive feedback from professionals in online marketing. The system is easy to install and it is free. We would be grateful for your feedback and comments!

Finteza Features:
  • No sampling. A well-known drawback of common services is the data approximation on large volumes. Often, such solutions analyze only part of your traffic and the remainder is extrapolated. There are no such drawbacks in Finteza since sampling mechanisms are completely missing.
  • Realtime reports - you receive data without delays and can see exactly what is happening on the site and in the advertising campaigns.
  • Automatic assessment of traffic quality. The system estimates all incoming traffic by providing statistics on each source. You will be able to view how many bots you actually have and exclude them.
  • Webmasters can simply manage ads on sites and receive detailed banner and landing page reports.
  • We have also developed a plugin for WordPress. For your convenience, you can register in Finteza directly from the plugin and the code will be automatically added to all pages in your site.

Learn more and register an account here: finteza.com