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    Question How do you Create videos for Video Marketing?

    Hey Guys,
    I have a business for Sports equipment, lately I feel that I have been trying almost every method of Online Marketing that I can but I still am missing out on Video Marketing.
    When I checked the rates to produce a movie with a local company they wanted around $2000.

    Got any ideas how I can make a video for a video marketing campaign with less then $1000??
    I found this company called Veedkit.com that have awesome videos + banners for $500, I was wondering if this is my best solution... (Sure seems like it is)

    Thanks in advance for the help! :-)

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    The kind of video you are creating,.is it for adverts on TV stations or for online internet marketing?. must it involves the use of real humans or animation images?. The way i do create mine is to make use of video creation software called videoscribe which is capable of creating high quality animation videos that you can upload to the internet for public view. there are also other tools like easysketchpro, ttssketchmaker, videomtion, etc. on how to create it using videoscribe, iust open the tool and in the interface, input and arrange your words and images in sequence and timing. you can get video tutorials om youtube and text tutorials form the manufacturer website or using Google to search them out.

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    I think you don;t have to make different video the video you have made would be perfect, just create backlinks for it.


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