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    best blog posting strategy on joomla

    since there is not a great blog posting system ( that i know about ) in joomla,
    is it better just to have separate pages for blog posts or have 1 big page of different blogs (all same niche ) for seo purposes. which is better or what do you recommend.

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    Use K2 for blogging in Joomla 1.5. While their (K2's) support system is not the greatest, it is pretty comprehensive. Tags, Bookmarks, etc. are incorporated.

    I've had success with partial articles on home page. I try to have only one paragraph of an article on the home page or use a static home page with articles listed in a module. Also sh404SEF is a must if you're using Joomla. There are still free versions roaming around - but K2 and sh404SEF needs PHP 5 to work together.

    I have my favorite tag system, bookmarks, video, etc. set up already so, I avoided K2 because the support and documentation was lacking - but I did set it up once to see if was what I wanted to use.

    As far as Joomla 1.6 was concerned - they still don't have enough bugs worked out for me to start converting sites.

    Avoid duplicate content by either eliminating the pdf, email, etc. icons or setting up a no index script for them.


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