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    Guest bloggers on your blog, do you like it?

    Do you like to have guest bloggers post articles on your site? I really like to have the option open to me, because I am very interested in having a new voice every once in a while, plus it gives me a break. What do you all think of guest blogging?

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    as blog comments, these guest bloggers on your blog will increase your position in google and your PR... so, it's very helpful in my opinion

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    I had very bad experience from guest bloggers. One day one guest blogger asks for permission to publish his blog post on my blog and after some days the site owner comes to me and ask to remove that blog post from my blog. It made me disappointed and I decided not to allow guest bloggers anymore on my site. I have stopped guest blogging on my site and now I publish only those articles that I write myself.

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    I`m one of the millions of guest bloggers in this world and I can tell you from my personal experience that as long as the owner of that site pays you according to your work, everything is OK. The guest blogger feels motivated to use as much as possible of his/her creativity


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