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    Is there any difference in ranking a site to google and bing

    Are the methods same to rank a website on bing and yahoo. Or this network uses some other methods for ranking please explain.

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    To understand how they are ranking is quite difficult. But the search engine rankings are based on the algorithms developed by them. Yahoo search results are also powered by Bing, so you will rank the same. So it is important to know how these search engines are doing the rankings. Many companies today are focusing on the Google rankings, but getting top search results on Google rankings doesn’t mean that your website also tops on yahoo and Bing.
    Google focuses more attention specific parts of a website rather than other aspects, whereas Bing focuses more on the entire array of SEO methods. Both the search engines penalizes if a business website is using tricks (black-hat SEO) with the algorithms or customers.

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    Yes there may be some difference. You can see with same keyword one site is on second page in Bing but on first page on Google .....Sometimes reciprocal happens.

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    Yes, Both search engines has their ranking criteria and sometimes a keyword is ranking in Google but not on yahoo and bing. So, it depends on their different algorithms.
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