We have been debating a lot on various online forums that how content will impact our online business. If you are a content writer or seo specialist then you are very well known about content writing. Our goal is to increase the visibility of our web pages everywhere online, for that only we'll work on content, right? But we all know that this process of content preparation will consume manpower, you have to spend substantial amount of time, and have to think creatively. Hello friends, that's what we're discussing here, How to save our efforts on content writing and how to get better ROI (which is also a sign of good business strategy)?

How do we estimate ROI on content writing?
You need to track the number of web page views, for that Google Analytics is a world's best and free tool, just install it first. You can find other free and paid tools like yahoo, crazy egg, compete, web optimzer, optimizely, click tale etc. using these tools you can analyse web traffic. Set up a Goal Tracking for your latest posts in Google analytics. You can now observe where people are coming from, how much time are they spending on your posts which will generates inquiries as well. Lets say your target is five hundred views for a single post, and you are able to see 250 views in a month or so (just assume) means you are getting progress, your content writing is working effectively. And then from here, you can evaluate, if it's worth it, or your content writing taking so much time or less time. This way using a goal tracking we can save our time and increase ROI.