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    Should I Place Main Website Links in the Footer of Internal Blog Pages

    Suppose I have a client website and a WP blog installed in sub directory. For example:
    www.MyWebsite.com (with 7 main pages)
    www.MyWebsite.com/Blog (with 10 low quality blog posts of 30-40 words)

    The client has created a footer of 7 main website pages and put it in all the blog pages (individual posts, archive pages, category pages and others). Around 30 blog pages are indexed in Google. Will such links hurt the organic rankings of home page?

    When I look into GWT to find top anchor texts. GWT show home, about, leave a reply, blog titles, august 2016, March 2015 as the top anchor text for links. All the main keywords lie in the bottom. What should I do?

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    Don't place main website links in footer...my suggesion is give internal links in the footer...


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