Keyword Planner is a property of Google and it is essential tool in Google Console which is a Advertiser friendly platform. So What is a Keyword Planner, It is basically an AdWords Traffic Estimator tool which give some data about a keyword that match above or below and in broad perspective. So your website will be effectively useful when you use this tool.

Advertisers those who would like to promote their business in Google are creating new ad groups ad campaigns which runs by filling wallet. It gives Ad Group Ideas, where you can see broad sense matching keywords with your business. It's a heavy keyword workbench with so much data supply. For filtering your keywords, you can focus on your web page's Landing Page, where your main keywords lies in content.

The main other uses of Keyword Planner:

Average CPC: It gives average Cost Per Click, means, if your keyword is best hospitals in New York, then it will tells you how much your competitors are investing on that keyword, so that you can also estimate average Cost per Click. When some clicks on a link/ad it will go to your website, which is the main aim of your promotion. Make sure your website should be user friendly, responsive and professional.

It also shows Estimated Search Volume, how many users are searching in google for that particular keyword.

Don't worry about the Keyword Competition in the market, you might have dealing with multiple products or services. You would like to know which keyword in the market has highest competition? Then accordingly you will plan your budget, team, focus, service or strategy. Keyword Planner will give you Keyword Competition strategy also, use it.

If you are focusing on service, it might be appearing for jobs. For example you are searching for best psychiatrists near me, it might includes 'best psychiatrist jobs near me', this thing we don't want right? OK, you can overcome this issue by using 'Exclude Keywords' option in Keyword Planner. It will Filter by Keyword basis to get the accurate data output.

Sometimes you might go wrong with your keyword planning, it will have a sophisticated mechanism to review your settings and suggests you a professional 'Reviewing Plan' to re-arrange the things.

Keywords planners supports various workflows that includes basic fundamental things to professional things which made it more cohesive user experience, down the line, we will get more enhanced features in Keyword Planner.

This tools will be very much useful for Ad Words campaigners, SEO specialists, web designers, web developers who works in website related projects.