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    Post What is a Squeeze Page and What SHOULDN'T be on there

    A squeeze page has one sole purpose and it is to collect visitors contact information. Usually their name and email address. When a visitor lands on your squeeze page and enters their email and name thats referred to as opting in (opt-in) to your email list.

    In order for someone to give you their contact information (opt in) you must have something of value to exchange or give them. A free gift. The free gift should have a high perceived value and be of low cost to you.

    There shouldn't be any external links, articles, excessive graphics, etc. You don't want anything to distract your visitor from the purpose of the page. When a visitor arrives, there should only be 2 things he/she can do and that's opt-in to your list or leave.

    There will be people who leave your squeeze page without opting in. That's ok and here's why.

    If someone won't trust you enough to give you something as simple as an email address, do you really think they will pull out their credit card and buy what you're selling? Not likely. So a squeeze page can also be viewed as a filter as well.

    A good converting squeeze page will convert about 40% - 60% percent of its visitors. So out of every 100 people who go to your squeeze page, 40-60 people will opt into your list on average. Now the question becomes, how fast can you get 100 people to your squeeze page?

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    Chase W.

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    Great post. I have heard the term squeeze page and I had a fair idea of what they were for but you have clarified it for me.
    I hadn't thought about removing any, all distractions, external links etc.



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