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    Social Media Optimization and SHTML issues

    I took a couple of educated guesses as to the problem thinking that it could be one of a few things...

    1. The coding on the page, there is no DTD so it comes up as an invalid page, the html is improperly formed, I can see any automated system having issues trying to read the page
    2. You haven't installed DIGG on the page yet. I don't know if you have to install it however every article that's on the DIGG site has the digg button on the pages...
    3. It's possible because the pages are not a blog article. It doesn't seem that this site is a blog at all... Maybe DIGG doesn't recognize non social sites since that's what it's for it's possible...
    4. The formation of the URL itself: growingtips/Carbon-Filter-installation.shtml maybe the capitals are messing it up (doubt it)

    So next I went to my site orionsweb and copied and pasted an SHTML URL from it internet consulting - project planning, company image, technologies, internet marketing, site management guess what.. not a problem at all..

    How do the two pages differ?

    1. The coding on the page - the one that works validates to xhtml 1.0 transitional and is properly formed xhtml with DTD etc. scripts are kept in the head section etc. etc.

    How are they the same?

    1. neither page has DIGG installed
    2. neither is a blog
    3. both are static html page
    4. both use SSI (.shtml)

    The only other explanation other than the coding on the page that I could deduce would be if the pages on your site aren't actually named how you have them and are being renamed using a script or .htaccess somehow (possibly incorrectly) OR That this URL is redirected from or too somewhere else.

    I wish you the best of luck and if you do figure out exactly what the problem is I would be really interested in finding out what it was.

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    Useful.. i liked it


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